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Top reasons members quit the gym and how to overcome them

9 thoughts on “Top reasons members quit the gym and how to overcome them”

  1. I love your tip to provide a good referral scheme or benefits for bringing a friend to a workout! I know this article was written with gyms in mind, but I imagine that referral plan like that would be very helpful to almost any type of private club or membership oriented group. It would make sense to me to hire a consultant if you are having a hard time getting or retaining customers, as they will most likely have more ideas than you could think up on your own.

  2. You said that some people need a gym buddy. If I was going to the gym I would want to make sure I had someone that I could work out with. Finding a fitness class at a club might be a good way to find someone that you could work out with at the gym.

  3. For keeping a steady stream of members coming through your gym door every month can be a challenging task. The blog provides you the reasons behind the members quit the gym and the best way to attract them to stay in your gym for a longer time. For increasing the members of your gym or keep them stable then engaged them in your gym by offering high quality services every month. You need to enhance your gym techniques and the best services to get the members back into the gym. The good feedback from your gym members helps you to increase your gym membership and promote your gym in a better way.

  4. Thanks for the great tips for not quitting the gym! I want to try and get a membership somewhere, but I know myself to well. Before I join a gym, I have to eliminate my reasons for quitting it. I’ll try to find a knowledgeable gym body, like you said!

  5. Great research and very helpful tips to overcome the challenges. Buddy and great guidance surely will help to retain the new joiners to the fitness center. If these are taken care, they might get more friends as well. Thank you for sharing.

  6. I am not surprised to find that overcrowding is a common reason for people to leave gyms. It would make sense that having software to track what hours people are working would be a great way to monitor this issue. This would allow the gym to plan accordingly around peak hours.

  7. Thanks for explaining that group classes are a great way to feel like we belong in a gym environment. I’ve been worried about my health lately and want to start being more active on a regular basis. I’m glad I read your article because I think finding group classes at a local health club sounds like a great way to stay motivated!

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